Cell Phone review Nokia 1200

Cell phone is very important device to us. Though some of us are already using this product as a fashion but still now many low income based people are finding a used/old model one to communicate with their family members, friends and relatives. So this article can help those who are trying to get a cell phone by paying little money.

Are you looking for a cheap cell phone for random use? Then you can try Nokia1200 I am using it myself. It’s very light, size is small, out looking is attractive. Who’s of you do not use watch, it can help them to see time. There’s a big font watch in display as a default screen saver.

Most important advantage of this phone is battery performance. I can use until 4days by charging once. It’s varying on talking time. Its sound quality is fantastic. It is antenna less phone so you can keep it in your pocket.

Those of you don’t like to spend lot of money for mobile phone or who has no ability to buy expensive one then it’s good news for them to buy a cheap one right now. Price is US$ 40 only. You can buy it from online shop.

Though it is a low priced phone but there is a lot of function inside this phone. such as Calculator, Converter, Calendar, Stopwatch, Composer, Chinese lunar calendar, Flash light, Demo, Reminder, Alarm clock, Vibrator etc. By using composer option you can compose your own ring tone.To get your’s one visit the link below.