Oral-B Triumph Smartguide 9900 Review

By Milo Bouer

I started off feeling very pessimistic about the new Triumph smartguide, was it just another marketing ploy to get me to invest over £100 in a new electric toothbrush? I’ve been an advocate of electric toothbrushes for over 5 years, when my dentist recommended that I should switch over from the normal toothbrush due to brushing too hard and wearing away the enamel on my teeth. After a few few years of using the same electric toothbrush it was time for a change!

I had seen the adverts on TV and in the press about the new Oral-B Triumph 9900 and as it was recommended by the UK dental association as one of the best electronic toothbrushes on the market, I thought I would give it ago, especially as it had a device that would guide me in the best way to brush my teeth. Well to start with the Oral-B Triumph smartguide 9900 features a new advanced oral care system that guides you to extraordinary cleaning and superior gum health. It comes with an innovative wireless display (the smartguide) that provides while-you-brush feedback for optimal brushing habits. It has a new floss action brush head with MicroPulse bristles that penetrates deep between teeth and gums, dramatically improving the health of your gums. If you should apply too much pressure, a red light will appear signaling you that too much pressure is being used. With the wireless remote display, you can easily see your brushing time per quadrant and the positive feedback at 2 minutes. But does all this fancy advertising talk pay off?

Well in one word ‘YES’ it does, I don’t think I’ve had as much fun using a toothbrush before, the Smartguide gives you a visual guide of exactly what tooth your brushing, the pressure used and how to correct it if needed, also it buzzes to inform you to move on. I found the display so easy to read and once you get used to it this really does become part of your whole dental routine. I cannot imagine ever going back to a normal electric toothbrush now and it’s not just myself that noticed the difference, on my last visit to the dentist, normally I visit the dental hygienist due to my poor flossing and to get rid of my plaque build up, but this time she commented that my gums were looking healthier than ever and that there was at least 95% less plaque build-up.

This really is the best toothbrush I have ever used and even though it is more expensive than a normal electric toothbrush, it has already started to save me money at the dentist! There is a website dedicated to the Triumph smartguide 9900 that compares the whole of the market and finds you the cheapest price, it also features reviews and all the information you need on the   Triumph Smartguide 9900

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