SweetPea3 MP3 Player for Kids

If you’re looking for an mp3 player for kids , then it might be worth your time to check out the Sweetpea3 MP3 player. They are available in blue or violet rubberized devices that sort of resemble a baby monitor, but as they are for children ages 0 through 6, it is clearly a practical design.

The SweetPea3 has enough storage for 4 hours of music and gets 40 hours of battery life from one AA. The device comes with pre-loaded songs by Jim Weiss and Susie Tallman, but you are also able to upload your own songs or stories in MP3 or WMA format.

Although there is a headphone jack, they aren’t included with or necessary for the device, since there is a built-in speaker for listening. You are able to program up to 3 playlists, and there is an LCD screen that shows your song number.

The interface is simple enough for infants or tech-challenged parents, and although the 128 MB memory may be lacking, I’d be hard-pressed to find an infant who would require more storage.

The 70 dollar price puts it in the mid-range for an mp3 player, but if you’re looking for a durable and fun mp3 player for kids, then this might be a good option for you.

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