Tips For Getting the Best Recordings Through Your Camcorder

By Pooja Lapasia

Filming memorable moments and watching them over and over again enables you to visit the good old times you had. This is enjoyable if your clippings have been shot well and are worth viewing. It happens so that your son’s first birthday shooting has been futile as the video was too noisy or the lighting was a letdown. Your unforgettable trip footage has been ruined because the image was too grainy and the clippings were not clear. Did these mishaps occur even though you had an expensive digital camcorder? It might have been a Sony, Canon or Wespro camcorder but the result will be a disappointment if you wouldn’t know the techniques of using a camcorder in the best possible manner to get satisfactory results.

Most camcorders have automated focus function which isn’t the best option to use. The automatic focus will many a times get the wrong person in focus and ruin your recording. It is thus advisable to manually set your focus if it is possible. If not then just zoom in to your concerned focus and then zoom out, the camcorder will get the focus and stick on to it. Auto-focus takes up lot of battery juice, as it has to track for focus, manual focussing will save on your battery back up. The digital zoom option is placed close to your fingers and is temptingly luring you to use it. However it is strongly recommended that you do not use the digital zoom, rather opt for the optical zoom feature. The optical zoom magnifies an image where as digital zoom just enlarges the image. The optical zoom should be preferred for close-up shots or better, get close to the object you are trying to capture.

The low-light performance of the camcorder is vital in indoor shoots and home videos. Arranging the white-balance is essential, as it will give out more crisp colours. Most of the camcorders have image stabilization option which will ensure somewhat stable imaging. It is recommended that you use a tripod to guarantee stable video shooting and avoid the instability of your hold. If you want your videos to get a pulsating feel then avoid the monotony of the tripod. It is advisable to shoot from different angles and show different perspectives to give a feel which cannot be added while editing.

Checking on the sound quality of the video is crucial as most of the in-built microphones are very sensitive and pick up the most subtle sounds. Getting an extended microphone for different occasions will help you get clear videos. Be sure to check the availability for extra slots as this addition of microphone isn’t available in all models. It is advisable to shoot extensively and later edit and rearrange the video for better viewing. Thus using these simple techniques you can avail the best out of your camcorder.

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