Siemens introduces ecofriendly company cars

Siemens is the first DAX-listed company to align its company car policy for executives with the climate protection goals of the European Union. In this pioneering role, the company wants to ensure that its company car fleet, which comprises some 2,500 vehicles in Germany, achieves the EU reference value of 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2015. Siemens plans to begin providing financial incentives for ecofriendly car selection on February 1, 2009. Alternatively, executives may receive a mobility allowance enabling them to dispense with company cars altogether and switch to ecofriendly public transportation.

“Not only do we aim to leverage our technologies to save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions. We also want to be greener in our operations and reduce our CO2 output by 20 percent. By 2015, our new company car policy will have made a substantial contribution to this effort, cutting our CO2 emissions by some 10,000 tons,” said Barbara Kux, Chief Sustainability Officer and member of Siemens’ Managing Board. In fiscal 2008, Siemens’ green technologies generated revenue of €19 billion. The company’s Environmental Portfolio is No. 1 worldwide. Siemens introduced a CO2 orientation for multi-driver vehicles on April 1, 2008.