Anchor Audio to Launch Upgrade to One of its Most Popular Sound Systems

(openPR) – TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA – To fill the need for a highly portable, yet powerful, public address and music system in one inclusive package, Anchor Audio, Inc. – an industry leader in state-of-the-art audio systems – introduces the BEACON 7500, a new, fully-featured sound system within a completely self-contained, durable enclosure that brings hi-fidelity sound quality to any remote location.

An array of eight neodymium speakers and three neo sub-woofers, a 150 watt AC amplifier and mixer, a battery capable of delivering 125 watts, and the ability to accommodate two wireless microphones and a built-in MP3 player rounds out this complete, go-anywhere portable sound system.

“The Beacon 7500 fills the need for a portable public address system, that also plays music and doesn’t require an audio engineer to operate,” says Janet Jacobs, President of Anchor Audio. “With ‘plug and play’ design, you simply roll it into place, open it up, and start broadcasting high-quality sound with enough power to fill an auditorium or small stadium.”

New features and functions make the Beacon 7500 user-friendly and state-of-the-art. The built-in MP3 player accepts multiple files and displays functions as used on an LCD screen all enclosed at the top of the Beacon case for easy viewing while in use.

An LED light alerts user the battery is drained and needs recharging. Three LED lights display battery charge status, and the charging time for completely drained batteries has been reduced to 7 hours. The Beacon 7500 can be used while charging and not interrupt a presentation.

Placing portability first, the BEACON portable PA system resides within a durable, airtight, sealed and lockable enclosure that affords maximum mobility via built-in rollers and a retractable extension handle. The patented case snaps open to reveal an array of eight midrange speakers mounted on an expandable housing that deploys to stand six feet tall, thus eliminating the need for a separate speaker stand.

A built-in amplifier supplies 150 Watts of power on AC, enough to cover a football field with crystal clear sound. The Beacon public address system also includes a 110/220 VAC converter, making it possible to travel the world without worrying about power conversion. The rechargeable, on-board DC battery packs 125 Watts of power for 6-8 hours, providing maximum flexibility for setting up a portable PA system wherever needed.

Two universal input jacks add to the Beacon’s capability as a public address system. A “voice over” function can automatically lower the music volume when a microphone is activated, allowing clearer speech projection.

Applications for this portable public address system include: field sporting events, county fairs, outdoor concerts, hotel banquet rooms, a school auditorium, pool side, a rally, the theater, corporate meeting rooms, reception halls, on the steps of city hall, church functions, transit centers, weddings, and even emergency situations such as a shelter or near a disaster area.

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For over thirty years Anchor Audio has enjoyed an excellent reputation for manufacturing rugged, versatile and lightweight portable sound systems at an attractive price point. Anchor Audio sound systems are RoHS compliant per worldwide standards.

Prestigious users include the White House, British Parliament, the Hague, all branches of the U.S. military, the Swiss Army, several renowned universities, national and regional parks, and major resort hotels including the Hotel D’Arts.