CeBIT 2009: Wibu-Systems presents first prototype as SD Card for research project VitaBITT

Public health care and especially mobile home nursing care have to meet particular requirements: first, only those authorized should be allowed to access personal medical data. Also, the information exchanged between all parties (doctors, hospitals, care centers, and healthcare workers) has to be secure and efficient. Wibu-Systems AG, jointly with its partners in the research project VitaBIT, is developing a new, open and mobile platform for networking ambulatory care. The company presents the first prototypes of the security component in a form factor of a SD Card at the CeBIT 2009, in hall 11 at booth B41.

Image: Security in the project VitaBIT is provided by the new SD Card CmCard to be presented by Wibu-Systems at the CeBIT 2009 in hall 11, B41.

Wibu-Systems provides solutions for the protection of software, documents, media files, and access protection. Customized to meet the requirements in the public health care sector Wibu-Systems extends its protection and licensing solution CodeMeter by a hardware component which will be available as a SD Card or a microSD Card. This guarantees the security of the new platform which is meant to increase the quality and efficiency in ambulatory care: mobile, situational, and interactively. The security function encompass unique authentication, secure encryption of patient-related data, and tamper-resistant data using electronic signatures. The secure hardware component CodeMeter will be available for server and desktop PCs, and also for PDAs and mobile phones.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems AG, explained “Still smaller but yet secure – for the first time, software vendors in a mobile area, such as the public health care sector, receive a practicable software protection in a form factor of our SD Card. Since the kick-off of VitaBIT in 2007, we have achieved a lot already, and are almost at the finish line: together with our partners we have developed an open, mobile, and efficiently networked platform ready to be connected with any number of services. This means, other industries, as well as the public health sector, are able to use this mobile security in other operational areas.“

About VitaBIT:

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) sponsors the research project VitaBIT within the framework of the technology competition SimoBIT. At the center of the competition scheme is the promotion of wide-scale use of secure mobile information technologies in SMEs’ and public authorities’ business processes and value-creation processes. Members of the German VitaBIT project consortium are: CAS Software AG, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Karlsruhe, PTV AG, Sozial- und Diakoniestation Weinstadt e.V. and WIBU-SYSTEMS AG.