OKI Launches HD-compatible Visual Nexus® Video Conferencing System

Achieves installed cost that is approximately half the current market price

OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) launched “Visual Nexus® ver4.0 HD,” the latest version of its video conferencing system, Visual Nexus®, that is compatible with high-definition. This new version significantly improves video resolution for video conferences and can combine on the server up to sixteen screens in HD resolution. The installed price is approximately half of that currently available in the market for HD-compatible video conference systems.

Companies have been installing video conferencing systems to reduce costs. Meanwhile, many vendors have been offering HD video conferencing devices that are compatible with various HD resolutions such as 720P(1280X720), 1080P(1920X1080) and 1080i (1920X1080). Taking these trends into consideration, OKI added an HD-video conferencing system to its lineup to offer the perfect solutions for these growing needs.

“We are pleased to introduce our Visual Nexus for HD resolution. Not only do we respond to the current trend in video conferencing systems, we offer it at a significantly low price, as we develop the product based on our advanced software technology,” said Atsuhisa Suzuki, Manager of Visual Nexus Business Department at OKI. “We believe our Visual Nexus is the ideal video conference solution for companies who are working to improve their method of multi-location communication and those who seek to improve business efficiency through more cost-effective communication.”

Visual Nexus ver4.0 HD is compatible with the latest HD resolutions, 720P, 1080i and1080P, while maintaining backward compatibility with standard definition (SD) format, and thus supports users who operate both types. The product consists of a conference server (MCU) and a PC client which can be connected to various types of third party’s SD and HD video conferencing devices. Therefore, users can use Visual Nexus with their existing third party’s video conferencing devices. Even when SD and HD devices are mixed, the conference server uses a resolution match function and adjusts each device to display natural video conferencing resolution.

Source and Complete Release: OKI.com