New Olympus LEXT OLS4000® Confocal Laser Microscope Takes Surface Metrology To Next Level

The LEXT OLS4000®, the newest laser scanning confocal microscope from Olympus, is the next generation in non-contact optical measuring solutions. It advances scan accuracy, accelerates scan speed, and puts the power and flexibility of dual confocal technology into the hands of users, offering new capabilities in optical non-contact measuring with full traceability.

The world’s first laser-based dual-confocal system optimized to operate at 405 nanometers (nm), the system allows researchers, engineers and technicians to accurately measure and image angles up to 85 degrees. It also quickly and easily accommodates samples that have multiple reflectivity levels and offers what may be the first-ever accuracy and repeatability guarantee provided by an industrial confocal system manufacturer.

The system takes roughness analysis to the next level. A new custom roughness analysis graphical user interface (GUI) provides a simple way to scan, stitch and measure samples up to 100mm long, while new filtering and calibration advancements allow the system to duplicate the results of stylus systems without contacting and potentially damaging the sample surface.

For complex depth measurements that are both precise and repeatable, the LEXT OLS4000 has a new Z-drive that offers movement steps of less than one nm, providing exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, the instrument’s new stage has an on-board vibration cancellation system, helping ensure that neither navigation nor external vibration will compromise accuracy.

Whether measuring the laser mark depth on a bare wafer, analyzing the roughness of a raw material, determining the thickness of protective coatings on metal materials, or conducting surface analyses of automotive parts such as brake pads and discs, this customizable system delivers fast results with exacting accuracy.

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