OKI Adds IP-Compatible Fax Response Functionality to its “eSound™ Engine for Server V2″

Now offers high-voice quality for phones and fax response systems with IP-compatible host media processing software

OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) today announced it has added an IP-compatible fax response functionality to its “eSound™ Engine for Server V2,” a host media processing software(*1) that can process voices on a general server for call distribution systems and auto voice response systems at IP contact centers. With this new functionality, those in need of an IVR(*2) system with auto fax response can build one without adding fax hardware. In addition, because a single server can operate multiple channels, users can reduce the system cost and ensure future expandability.

OKI’s “eSound Engine for Server” is a high quality host media processing software with high ROI. It is used in OKI’s “CTstage®,” the contact center system with 46% market share(*3) in Japan. By adding the new IP-compatible fax response functionality, users can receive fax data and save it as an image file as well as send the image file by converting it into fax data. Thus, users can automate the fax answering function and build an IVR system at a low cost while improving business efficiency.

“We believe the new fax functionality in our software will improve business efficiency for manufacturers who are working to improve their IVR capabilities at their contact center systems,” said Toshinori Suzuki, General Manager of the Telecom Systems Division at OKI. “We are pleased to announce that this ‘eSound Engine for Server’ is used as the function for voice processing and sending/ receiving faxes for Fujitsu Ltd.’s ‘VoiceScript for IP,’ an IP-compatible phone and fax auto response system. OKI will continue to actively support manufacturers through our high-quality ‘eSound Engine for Server.’”

Because the fax response functionality is offered as a software, users can expect to reduce their installation and operation costs as there is no need for fax hardware as well as build a large-scale system with a small number of servers by applying OKI’s own efficient architecture with higher efficiency in CPU usage. With its strong technology background in VoIP, OKI succeeded in offering a high fax reception rate of 99.999%(*4) via IP networks.

More Details can be found at http://www.oki.com/en/press/2009/08/z09048e.html