Faster Computers with Nanotechnology

The silicon transistors in your computer may be replaced in ten years by transistors based on carbon nanotubes. This is what scientists at the University of Gothenburg are hoping – they have developed a method to control the nanotubes during production.
Silicon is subject to certain limitations, and industry is looking for a replacement. The electronics industry has net annual sales of over USD 200 billion, and this means that the development is being fuelled by powerful forces.
Carbon nanotubes
Scientist Johannes Svensson from the Department of Physics at the University of Gothenburg has investigated the manufacture and use of carbon nanotubes in his PhD thesis.
Faster and smaller
“I don’t believe that it will be cheaper to build transistors …

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SparkLAN Unveils Small-Sized 11n AP

SparkLAN Communications, Inc., a broadband wireless networking solution provider, unveils a SpeedPlus Access Point based on Ralink’s Router-on-a-Chip RT3050, targeted at WISP, SI, and SOHO market users for simple wireless sharing.
SparkLAN WAPR-150GN is a small-sized, 802.11n portable AP that achieves up to 150Mbps data rate. It is 3 times faster than the legacy 11g model but is priced less, making it more cost-effective. The WAPR-150GN supports AP, AP Client, Router, Bridge, and WDS modes. It is ideal for business travelers to share wireless connection in the conference or at exhibition and great for hotel guests in the hotel.
By supporting 64/128-bits WEP, WPA, WPA2, WAPR-150GN helps protect data and privacy during transmission. Moreover, the AP incorporated …

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Mini-projectors – maximum performance

The number of mini-projector devotees keeps growing. The combination of a new kind of optical structure with high-performance LEDs enables completely new compact and brilliant lighting and projection systems.
Almost no public presentation today is made without projectors. As the years pass, these devices keep getting smaller – and handier. A market with immense growth potential: According to estimates, by 2012 up to 45 million units are expected to sell worldwide.
Important: The miniature projectors have to deliver sharp contrasts and clear colors. In his thesis project, „Design and realization of an ultraslim array projector,” Marcel Sieler of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena developed the bases for an entirely new …

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Desktop Network Appliance with Dual Core Intel Atom and 6 LAN Ports

Lanner Inc., a leading network appliance ODM, released the FW-7535, a network application platform powered by the dual-core Intel Atom Pineview D510. The platform features 6 gigabit LAN ports in a small, fanless chassis. Designed for secure network communication applications, the FW-7535 can be deployed in a tradition office environment or an industrial setting such as a secure SCADA system.
The FW-7535 features the new dual core Intel Atom D510 for 1.66GHz of processing power, while maintaining a low heat threshold. Due to the low Wattage processor, the FW-7535 is one of Lanner’s few networking appliances that feature a fanless chassis. The system utilizes two passive heat sinks and features an aluminum case with heat dispersing …

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Evoluce introduces off-screen gesture computing to large format multi-touch LCDs.

The leading provider of advanced multi-touch screen technologies, Evoluce, today introduced the first gesture computing enhancement to its ITSO (Integrated Through Screen Optics) Sensing Technology, offering true multi-touch, multi-pen functionality for large flat screen LCDs. For the first time, multi-touch-enabled applications can also see and respond to in-the-air gestures up to 1 m from the screen for more intuitive and direct user interaction. The combination of gesture with multi-touch input unleashes exciting possibilities for a multitude of collaborative, design, and information visualization environments.
This breakthrough facilitates true multi-modal computing. Evoluce’s ITSO Sensing Technology supports an unlimited number of simultaneous screen inputs from touches, pen and stylus inputs, objects, and tags. Now users can also directly manipulate …

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Benefits Of The Ipad Over The Iphone

Apple completely revolutionized the cell phone market when they released their popular iPhone. Now, Apple has revolutionized computers and technology with the iPad. Simply put, the iPad is a tablet computer that runs like an iPhone, but at a bigger size.
There are multiple benefits to each piece of technology. In the end, however, there are benefits that the iPad has over the iPhone. These four benefits are the core of the iPad, making it a better technology choice for many.
The major benefit that the iPad has over the iPhone comes from the size of the iPad itself. The screen is nearly 10 inches, with a 9.56 inch by 7.47 inch stance. This larger size allows …

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