Benefits Of The Ipad Over The Iphone

Apple completely revolutionized the cell phone market when they released their popular iPhone. Now, Apple has revolutionized computers and technology with the iPad. Simply put, the iPad is a tablet computer that runs like an iPhone, but at a bigger size.

There are multiple benefits to each piece of technology. In the end, however, there are benefits that the iPad has over the iPhone. These four benefits are the core of the iPad, making it a better technology choice for many.


The major benefit that the iPad has over the iPhone comes from the size of the iPad itself. The screen is nearly 10 inches, with a 9.56 inch by 7.47 inch stance. This larger size allows for multiple benefits.

All applications can be seen at a bigger size. Now, iPad app developers have a larger amount of screen to work with. Applications can be more detailed and more intricate, as they have the space to do so. An iPad app development team can also transfer their iPhone applications to the iPad; the iPad automatically resizes nearly all iPhone apps. Now, the most popular iPhone applications can be run on the iPad at a much larger resolution.

The size also makes the iPad a perfect technology piece for watching movies and television shows, as well as for reading books electronically. The size allows for these features to be big enough to be actually enjoyable, as opposed to the small screen that the iPhone offers.


One major question that preceded the release of the iPad dealt with the keyboard itself. Apple fans wanted to know if they keyboard would be revolutionary, making it easier to type on a touch screen. Unfortunately, Apple failed to provide a revolutionary typing system. They did feature the full keyboard on the touch screen, much like the iPhone. The advantage, once again, comes from the size of the iPad. Typing on a touch screen is easier when the touch screen is nearly 10 inches in length in landscape mode.

Battery Life

The iPad claims to have an incredible battery life, with 10 hours of battery life. With that being said, it is important to note that battery life will change with each user as they use different applications.

3g Option/Wi-Fi Capabilities

Many iPhone users complain about AT&Ts 3G network. At times, the network can be slow and overloaded. The iPad gives you two options; one version that allows for monthly 3G plans, and one option that only features Wi-Fi capabilities. This makes it easier for users to use the table in their home, on their home Internet connection, without having to deal with the 3G network.

There have been some who say that the iPad is simply a large iPhone. Both pieces of technology use the same operating system, allowing applications to be transferrable. In the end, the size of the iPad creates multiple benefits over the iPhone. The upgrades in Wi-Fi and battery life make the iPad a smart decision for anyone who is looking for something smaller than a computer to use in their every day lives.

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