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DAILY unveils its new PDA based RFID Reader DL710

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled a new PDA based RFID reader DL710 designed for industrial and outdoor environments to cater for the requirement of RFID mobile solutions, with a low price at 380USD this month.
This lightweight PDA based RFID reader DL710 features numerous advanced applications such as integrated barcode scanner, bluetooth and camera, thus allowing for the capture of a comprehensive range of data – including RFID tags, barcodes and images.
The PDA RFID reader DL710, which is available in two operating frequency – HF(High Frequency) 13.56MHz or LF(Low Frequency) 125 KHz, is ideal for information management, information collection or data transfer. Basing on 400MHz Samsung® S3C2440 Processor, 128MB SDRAM and 64MB Flash ROM storage to …

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RFID File Tracking Solution unveiled by DAILY

DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID file tracking solution for file inventory management, in response to track the location of files without complicated procedures.
This RFID file tracking solution, basing on HF frequency, allow automated identification of circulating files, thus not only saving the time, enhancing security as well. It includes RFID smart labels, handheld RFID reader DL8033 and HF desktop reader-02 and necessary software.
This RFID file tracking solution allows to keep the files’ location properly updated and easily accessible when needed. For the start, register every file with the HF rfid label to be tracked. And the RFID label, which can be rewritten more than 100,000 times, can be easily pasted on each file …

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