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Mini-projectors – maximum performance

The number of mini-projector devotees keeps growing. The combination of a new kind of optical structure with high-performance LEDs enables completely new compact and brilliant lighting and projection systems.
Almost no public presentation today is made without projectors. As the years pass, these devices keep getting smaller – and handier. A market with immense growth potential: According to estimates, by 2012 up to 45 million units are expected to sell worldwide.
Important: The miniature projectors have to deliver sharp contrasts and clear colors. In his thesis project, „Design and realization of an ultraslim array projector,” Marcel Sieler of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena developed the bases for an entirely new …

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IBM Announces Industry’s Densest, Fastest On-Chip Dynamic Memory in 32-Nanometer, Silicon-on-Insulator Technology

IBM has successfully developed a prototype of the semiconductor industry’s smallest, densest and fastest on-chip dynamic memory device in next-generation, 32-nanometer, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology that can offer improved speed, power savings and reliability for products ranging from servers to consumer electronics.
IBM’s SOI technology can provide up to a 30 percent chip performance improvement and 40 percent power reduction, compared to standard bulk silicon technology. SOI protects the transistors on the chip with a “blanket” of insulation that reduces electrical leakage, saving power and allowing current to flow through the circuit more efficiently, improving performance.
IBM has fabricated a test chip with an embedded dynamic random access memory (eDRAM) technology that features the industry’s smallest memory cell, …

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BOSCH: Automotive Equipment – New generation of ESP® sensors

Bosch sensor now measures yaw rate and acceleration simultaneously SMI540: Two sensor elements in one housing
· Monoaxial yaw sensor combined with biaxial, linear acceleration sensor
· First micromechanical sensor that simultaneously measures yaw rate and acceleration in SOIC16x housing
· Tilt measurement along the vehicle’s longitudinal axis makes new applications possible
The Bosch SMI540 is the world’s first micromechanical inertial measurement unit for vehicle dynamics control in low-cost SOIC16w housing. The unit opens up new development possibilities for the ESP® electronic stability program. The 3-D sensor simultaneously monitors three of a vehicle’s movement axes – two acceleration or inclination axes (ax, ay), and one axis of rotation (Ωz). Until now, at least two separate sensors were required for …

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EIZO Introduces DuraVision Series of Monitors for the Industrial Market

Eizo Nanao Corporation (EIZO) today introduced the DuraVision series of monitors for the industrial market. The first product will be the DuraVision FDX1001, a 10.4-inch color LCD monitor that is scheduled to go into mass production in mid-October.
In its “Mid-Term Business Plan” for fiscal years 2009 – 2011* released in March of this year, EIZO announced that one if its goals was to commence development of its industrial market operations and make it a new pillar of business for the company. In order to achieve this goal, EIZO established an Industrial Monitor Business Department which is working to build a flexible production system that can quickly meet customer demand for small lots, customized product specifications, …

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Motorola Now Shipping APX Multi-band Two-Way Radios Offering Interoperability and Enhanced Solutions Critical to First Responders

Harris County, TX CIO calls APX, “Impressive Piece of Equipment”
As announced in the company’s second-quarter financial results, Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is now shipping APXTM 7000 two-way radios, enabling instant multi-agency interoperability for mission critical first responders. The industry’s first Project 25 (P25) multi-band (700/800 MHz and VHF) subscriber family, APX communicates with current and future P25 networks (FDMA and TDMA) and has integrated GPS.
“We were excited to participate in the testing of the new Motorola APX radio,” said Steve Jennings, Harris County CIO. “Motorola’s willingness to have a team of customers test and evaluate the radio is a testimony to their user-centered design focus and their dedication to the customer.”
APX meets and exceeds public …

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Piezo: P-725.xDD PIFOC® High-Dynamics Piezo Microscope Objective Z-Scanner

*  Very Stiff for Fastest Settling Time under 5 msec with Microscope Objective
* 20 µm Travel Range
* Compatible with Metamorph™ and other Image Acquisition Software Packages
* Scans and Positions Objectives with Sub-nm Resolution
* Parallel Flexure Guiding for Minimized Objective Offset
* Choice of Position Sensors: Capacitive Direct Metrology (Higher Performance) or Strain Gauges (Lower Cost)
* Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
* QuickLock Adapter for Easy Attachment
Direct Drive for Ultra-Fast Scanning and Positioning
The P-725.xDD microscope objective positioners were designed for extremely fast motion over relatively short travel ranges up to 20 µm. Their ultra-stiff direct piezo drive (1.2 kHz resonant frequency) enables the highest scanning rates and response times of only 5 msecs – essential for …

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