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RFID File Tracking Solution unveiled by DAILY

DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID file tracking solution for file inventory management, in response to track the location of files without complicated procedures.
This RFID file tracking solution, basing on HF frequency, allow automated identification of circulating files, thus not only saving the time, enhancing security as well. It includes RFID smart labels, handheld RFID reader DL8033 and HF desktop reader-02 and necessary software.
This RFID file tracking solution allows to keep the files’ location properly updated and easily accessible when needed. For the start, register every file with the HF rfid label to be tracked. And the RFID label, which can be rewritten more than 100,000 times, can be easily pasted on each file …

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OKI Develops World’s First 160Gbps Ultra High-speed Optical Next Generation Access Asymmetric PON System

Enables a high-definition, high quality video service for movie distribution and telemedicine
OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) today announced it has succeeded in developing the World’s first 160Gbps ultra high-speed optical next generation access (NGA) asymmetric PON system using hybrid Optical Time Division Multiplexing (OTDM) and Optical Code Division Multiplexing (OCDM)(*1). 160Gbps is equivalent to sending 6 channels of uncompressed ultra high-definition video or 33 channels of high-definition video per second. Transmitting signals at a speed of 160Gbps on a single optical fiber downstream means super high-resolution and high quality video delivery service that requires data of over 1GB, such as movie distribution and telemedicine, can be offered.

The research that led to OKI’s achievement was conducted …

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Dell Introduces Adamo Brand with Launch of the World’s Thinnest Laptop

Adamo is first product under new Adamo by Dell brand.
Premium craftsmanship and design inspires new aesthetic across Dell family of products.
Adamo by Dell created to disrupt people’s perceptions of what personal computing is today.
Style-minded people who place a premium on precision craftsmanship and design can now add Adamo to their list of must-have items for 2009. Dell today unveiled the world’s thinnest* laptop as a kick off to the new Adamo by Dell brand.
Adamo, derived from the Latin word meaning “to fall in love,” will serve as a flagship in a line of products created to disrupt the personal computing space with the combination of new design aesthetics, personalization choices and sought-after technologies.
The News:
* Adamo …

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Dell Blends Performance, Expandability and Design with Bold, New Studio XPS 435 Desktop

* Powered by Intel®  CoreTM  i7 processors with Intel®  Turbo Boost Technology
* Investment protection with room to grow including support for up to 24GB of memory and 4.5TB of storage
* Clean and sophisticated “tilt back” design is visually striking blending pure white with translucent black bezel and brilliant crimson orange trim
Dell today launched a new premier desktop PC, the Studio XPS 435, built around elite performance, expandability and a bold design. The Studio XPS 435 delivers great value for digital content creators looking for power potential and for tech enthusiasts who demand the latest and greatest at an outstanding price when compared to most other “prosumer” performance systems.
The Studio XPS 435 provides intense …

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Research Keeps Microsoft on the ‘Bleeding Edge’

Q&A: Craig Mundie discusses why Microsoft continues to invest in research and innovation, even during the current economic downturn.

When confronted with a tricky problem, Microsoft Research loves to tinker. The supersized think tank has 800 researchers who every day explore an estimated 55 areas of research at six labs spread across the globe. Their ingenuity and creativity is on display Feb. 24-26 at TechFest, Microsoft’s annual celebration of its advanced research work. Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie spoke with PressPass about innovation at Microsoft.

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Innovation for Women’s Health – the new MRI breast scanner from Siemens

Magnetom Espree-Pink makes examinations more comfortable for physicians and patients

Siemens Healthcare recently presented its first MRI breast scanner, Magnetom Espree-Pink. This 1.5-Tesla system is the latest innovation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) from Siemens, featuring a dedicated solution for breast examinations. Particularly for obese and claustrophobic patients, the large, 70-centimeter magnet bore makes examinations more comfortable than with previous systems, or, in some cases, it makes them possible for the first time ever. The flexible design of the “Sentinelle Vanguard for Siemens” breast coil also optimizes the clinical workflow. Comprehensive applications, such as syngo Grace or syngo Views, additionally set a new standard in Women’s Health.

At almost 30 percent, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer occurring among women in Germany, as well as throughout Europe. Approximately 57,000 women annually develop breast cancer in Germany; 17,500 women per year die from breast cancer1. The American National Cancer Institute estimates that a woman has a 1-in-8 chance of developing breast cancer during her lifetime. The American Cancer Society’s new screening guidelines will impact up to 1.4 million high-risk women by recommending they receive annual MRI screenings. 2A high percentage of these women will benefit from breast MRI. [...]

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