Gateway Laptops Review – Gateway Laptop Series, History, Trend and Positioning

By Christophe Catesson
Many longtime computer users recognize the fact that Gateway has been a major contender in the computer world for much of the personal computer’s existence. Gateway was long heralded as one of the highest quality products on the market and was also highly praised for their attention to customer needs and support. In recent years, Gateway’s focus has changed a little from being a custom computer builder to offering mass marketed and mass manufactured machines that in turn appeal to a greater portion of the general public. This doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t worth a good looking. Gateway laptops still hold a reasonable share of the portable market. This being said, they …

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Tablet PCs Reviews – The Best Mobile Computers (Tablet, Convertible and Hybrid)

By Christophe Catesson
Mobile computing has been a hot topic lately with so many advances in chip architecture and power efficiency. Laptops have long been the standard for mobile users, but there is another form factor type that has been on the market for some time that deserves a little more recognition. Sometimes a laptop can be unwieldy and awkward to handle. In situations where opening up a laptop isn’t an option, tablet PCs get the job done in a much more inconspicuous way.
The term tablet PCs is a general description for any mobile computer that is designed to be controlled with your fingers or a pen device that is touched directly to the screen surface. …

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Dell Laptops – Any Good?

By John Milligan
Dell Laptops are extremely popular with the XPS M1530 being a top seller at the time of writing. What are Dell laptops like in general though?
Well to start with they are world renowned for the quality of build and engineering and are known for their reliability. They are quite often the go-to machines for those aiming at affordability simply because they are good machines whose build quality is getting better and better as more and more improvements are made, plus of course they tend to have greats deals at very competitive prices.
Dell has a laptop to fit the needs of most business travellers, students and others who simply want the freedom to use …

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The NAS 2-way SATA hard disk housing from DIGITUS® makes multimedia contents on the network accessible

(openPR) – DIGITUS® extends its HDD housing range by a high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) housing. Thanks to the ease of operation, back-up of personal and business data is now child’s play. The NAS can be connected directly to the computer by USB, or offers fast and convenient access to data by means of a Gigabit connection. Copying of data is started at the simple touch of a button.
The housing is equipped with two SATA connections, which are installed in removable hard disk frames. The integrated RAID system 0 and 1 enables combination into one drive. A built-in FTP and Samba Server provide further convenience and enable access to the data via FTP or network.
The …

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Oral-B Triumph Smartguide 9900 Review

By Milo Bouer
I started off feeling very pessimistic about the new Triumph smartguide, was it just another marketing ploy to get me to invest over £100 in a new electric toothbrush? I’ve been an advocate of electric toothbrushes for over 5 years, when my dentist recommended that I should switch over from the normal toothbrush due to brushing too hard and wearing away the enamel on my teeth. After a few few years of using the same electric toothbrush it was time for a change!
I had seen the adverts on TV and in the press about the new Oral-B Triumph 9900 and as it was recommended by the UK dental association as one of the …

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Tips For Getting the Best Recordings Through Your Camcorder

By Pooja Lapasia
Filming memorable moments and watching them over and over again enables you to visit the good old times you had. This is enjoyable if your clippings have been shot well and are worth viewing. It happens so that your son’s first birthday shooting has been futile as the video was too noisy or the lighting was a letdown. Your unforgettable trip footage has been ruined because the image was too grainy and the clippings were not clear. Did these mishaps occur even though you had an expensive digital camcorder? It might have been a Sony, Canon or Wespro camcorder but the result will be a disappointment if you wouldn’t know the techniques of …

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