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Siemens: Integrated total solutions to protect infrastructures

The world is affected by the four megatrends demographic change, urbanization, climate change and globalization. On March 18th, 2009 the Building Technologies Division provided answers at the Siemens Airport Center to questions as to how people, the environment and important infrastructure facilities can be protected.
Personal security as well as the proper functioning of private and public infrastructures are gaining importance in our globalized world. This is especially true at airports, in which high standards of mobility, security and optimum workflows are expected. Airport operators bear tremendous responsibility for proper functioning of the operating processes and ensuring the security of passengers, staff, the infrastructure and transport of goods. The increasing automation of many complex processes and …

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IBM Introduces First-of-a-Kind Endpoint Security Offering

New Offering From IBM Strives to Free Clients From Vendor Lock-In, Simplify Security Management, Reduce Costs and Promote Industry Innovation
IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a first-of-a-kind endpoint security offering, IBM Proventia Endpoint Secure Control (ESC), that is designed to enable enterprises to escape from the constraints of vendor lock-in and to enhance endpoint security, compliance and operations at a lower cost. This new endpoint security offering is delivered by IBM Internet Security Systems (IBM ISS) leveraging IBM’s depth in security experience and technology from BigFix, Inc. for endpoint security management.
The IBM ISS solution delivers endpoint security management designed to address two major problems in the industry today: the escalating cost of security and the growing …

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