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Benefits Of The Ipad Over The Iphone

Apple completely revolutionized the cell phone market when they released their popular iPhone. Now, Apple has revolutionized computers and technology with the iPad. Simply put, the iPad is a tablet computer that runs like an iPhone, but at a bigger size.
There are multiple benefits to each piece of technology. In the end, however, there are benefits that the iPad has over the iPhone. These four benefits are the core of the iPad, making it a better technology choice for many.
The major benefit that the iPad has over the iPhone comes from the size of the iPad itself. The screen is nearly 10 inches, with a 9.56 inch by 7.47 inch stance. This larger size allows …

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Beeline and RIM Launch the BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone in Russia

The VimpelCom Group (NYSE: VIP) (Beeline brand) and Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced the launch of the BlackBerry® 8800 smartphone for corporate Beeline subscribers in Russia.
“The BlackBerry 8800, featuring a stylish design and full QWERTY keyboard with English-Russian support, is a highly anticipated smartphone for our enterprise customers. Beeline is pleased to expand the range of BlackBerry smartphones in response to the needs of Russian business users,” said Kent McNeley, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of VimpelCom.
The sleek and elegant BlackBerry 8800 smartphone is a powerful communications tool that includes premium phone features and advanced email and messaging capabilities. It also includes a full-featured Internet browser, organizer and media player …

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