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IBM Announces Industry’s Densest, Fastest On-Chip Dynamic Memory in 32-Nanometer, Silicon-on-Insulator Technology

IBM has successfully developed a prototype of the semiconductor industry’s smallest, densest and fastest on-chip dynamic memory device in next-generation, 32-nanometer, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology that can offer improved speed, power savings and reliability for products ranging from servers to consumer electronics.
IBM’s SOI technology can provide up to a 30 percent chip performance improvement and 40 percent power reduction, compared to standard bulk silicon technology. SOI protects the transistors on the chip with a “blanket” of insulation that reduces electrical leakage, saving power and allowing current to flow through the circuit more efficiently, improving performance.
IBM has fabricated a test chip with an embedded dynamic random access memory (eDRAM) technology that features the industry’s smallest memory cell, …

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IBM Outlines New Model for Healthcare

Patient Centered Medical Home Can Change the Way Care is Delivered
IBM announced the findings of a major healthcare study that underscores the critical need for a new model of care called the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  The new study, “Patient Centered Medical Home: What, Why and How?,” ( identifies the PCMH as a viable foundation for the reform of today’s unsustainable healthcare system because it is committed to primary-care based, coordinated, proactive, preventive, acute, chronic, long-term and end-of-life care.
Rising health care costs continue to be a burden on families, businesses and the entire economy and are projected to increase even further. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, national healthcare expenditures – …

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IBM Ships 50 Millionth Processor for the Nintendo Wii Game System

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has announced that it has reached a significant milestone as the microprocessor supplier for Nintendo Co., Ltd., by completing the shipment of 50 million processors for the Wii(TM) game system, which has tremendous worldwide sales momentum.
IBM first began supplying the processors that serve as the digital heartbeat for Nintendo’s Wii in 2006, as part of a multi-year, custom microprocessor design and production agreement. The chips are manufactured at IBM’s advanced chip fabrication facility in East Fishkill, N.Y. IBM’s worldwide supply chain supported consistent, dependable module deliveries and met strong consumer demand for the Wii console, including through three high-demand holiday seasons.
The chip is based on IBM’s Power Architecture® and features IBM’s silicon-on-insulator …

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IBM Introduces First-of-a-Kind Endpoint Security Offering

New Offering From IBM Strives to Free Clients From Vendor Lock-In, Simplify Security Management, Reduce Costs and Promote Industry Innovation
IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a first-of-a-kind endpoint security offering, IBM Proventia Endpoint Secure Control (ESC), that is designed to enable enterprises to escape from the constraints of vendor lock-in and to enhance endpoint security, compliance and operations at a lower cost. This new endpoint security offering is delivered by IBM Internet Security Systems (IBM ISS) leveraging IBM’s depth in security experience and technology from BigFix, Inc. for endpoint security management.
The IBM ISS solution delivers endpoint security management designed to address two major problems in the industry today: the escalating cost of security and the growing …

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IBM Sheds New Light on the Smart Energy Consumer

IBM sheds new light on the smart energy consumer
IBM (NYSE: IBM) Global Business Services today unveiled its new report, “Lighting the Way: Understanding the smart energy consumer,” that shows consumers around the globe are willing to become more involved with managing their energy use.
The study shows while in the short term, changes in customer needs will occur based on personal initiative and income, in the long run, even more radical changes may yet emerge as the Millennial Generation continues to move into adulthood and the energy customer base.
Those respondents age 18 to 34 were most eager for the types of “self-service” and automated energy management that ‘smart’ metering and smart grids will bring. Precisely at …

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Maxis and IBM Sign Five-Year IT Services Agreement

Strategic Partnership Set to Further Enhance Maxis’ Position as Innovation Leader in Malaysia
Malaysia’s leading mobile telecommunications operator Maxis Communications Berhad (“Maxis”) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Maxis Mobile and IBM in Malaysia have entered into a five-year Information Technology (IT) services relationship.
This relationship will enable Maxis to fast-track the transformation of the company’s IT services and solutions to deliver multifaceted, innovative and enriching experiences to its subscriber base of over 11 million in Malaysia.
“This is an exciting moment for us at Maxis. We are happy to enter into this historic and strategic relationship with IBM,” said Sandip Das, Maxis’ Chief Executive Officer. “Our two companies share a common commitment to delivering innovation …

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