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Piezo: P-725.xDD PIFOC® High-Dynamics Piezo Microscope Objective Z-Scanner

*  Very Stiff for Fastest Settling Time under 5 msec with Microscope Objective
* 20 µm Travel Range
* Compatible with Metamorph™ and other Image Acquisition Software Packages
* Scans and Positions Objectives with Sub-nm Resolution
* Parallel Flexure Guiding for Minimized Objective Offset
* Choice of Position Sensors: Capacitive Direct Metrology (Higher Performance) or Strain Gauges (Lower Cost)
* Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
* QuickLock Adapter for Easy Attachment
Direct Drive for Ultra-Fast Scanning and Positioning
The P-725.xDD microscope objective positioners were designed for extremely fast motion over relatively short travel ranges up to 20 µm. Their ultra-stiff direct piezo drive (1.2 kHz resonant frequency) enables the highest scanning rates and response times of only 5 msecs – essential for …

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Nikon Introduces New Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ745T

Nikon Corporation (Michio Kariya, President) is pleased to announce the July 30 launch of the SMZ745T, a trinocular stereo microscope with a zoom magnification of 7.5x that is suited for digital imaging. The SMZ745T meets various needs in the industrial and biomedical fields.
The SMZ745T, with its 7.5x zoom, has a total magnification range of 3.35x to 300x*. It is affordably priced and has a trinocular eyepiece tube that is suited for digital image acquisition. The newly developed SMZ745T is a strong addition to the Nikon stereo zoom microscope lineup.
*When auxiliary objective lens and eyepiece lens are combined.
Key Features

Superb optical performance and the highest zoom magnification in its class
By optimizing the …

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P-737 PIFOC® Piezostage: Fast Piezo-Z Stage for Microscope Automation, 3D-Imaging

PI — the inventor of high-speed Piezo-Z objective steppers–introduces the new P-737 PIFOC® PiezoStage for high performance Z-focusing applications.
Features & Advantages
* High-Speed Piezo Z-Motion with Travel Ranges to 250 µm
* Nanometer Resolution
* Large Clear Aperture to Accommodate Specimen Holders
* Perfect Mechanical Fit to XY OEM Manual or Motorized Stages
* Choice of Controllers: Digital, Analog w/ Display or Compact Controller
* Custom Tuning for Highest Speed
* Compatible w/ all Major Image Acquisition Packages
* Closed-Loop for Nanometer Precise Motion Control
The P-737 specimen Z-stage is a new member in a large family of products for microscope automation. Specifically designed for research microscopes utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging techniques, the P-737 PIFOC® specimen piezo Z-stage features up to 250 µm …

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