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OKI Adds IP-Compatible Fax Response Functionality to its “eSound™ Engine for Server V2″

Now offers high-voice quality for phones and fax response systems with IP-compatible host media processing software
OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) today announced it has added an IP-compatible fax response functionality to its “eSound™ Engine for Server V2,” a host media processing software(*1) that can process voices on a general server for call distribution systems and auto voice response systems at IP contact centers. With this new functionality, those in need of an IVR(*2) system with auto fax response can build one without adding fax hardware. In addition, because a single server can operate multiple channels, users can reduce the system cost and ensure future expandability.
OKI’s “eSound Engine for Server” is a high quality host media …

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OKI Develops Automatic Soldering Technology based on Static Pressure Bath to Enable Lead-free Soldering for Large, High-density Products

OKI expects to expand its EMS business through higher quality and shorter turnaround time
OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) announced it has succeeded in developing “static pressure soldering technology” for lead-free soldering of large, high-density products. Using this technology, OKI and Nihon Dennetsu jointly developed a soldering machine that enables high-quality lead-free (Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu) soldering for products up to 490 x 510mm in size and 6mm in thickness.
“We believe this new ‘static pressure soldering technology’ will improve the soldering quality and production service for large, high density products at our EMS business in the Systems Network Plant in Japan’s Honjo district (Saitama Prefecture),” said Koh Shimizu, General Manager of EMS Business Manufacturing Service at OKI’s System Network …

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OKI Develops World’s First 160Gbps Ultra High-speed Optical Next Generation Access Asymmetric PON System

Enables a high-definition, high quality video service for movie distribution and telemedicine
OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) today announced it has succeeded in developing the World’s first 160Gbps ultra high-speed optical next generation access (NGA) asymmetric PON system using hybrid Optical Time Division Multiplexing (OTDM) and Optical Code Division Multiplexing (OCDM)(*1). 160Gbps is equivalent to sending 6 channels of uncompressed ultra high-definition video or 33 channels of high-definition video per second. Transmitting signals at a speed of 160Gbps on a single optical fiber downstream means super high-resolution and high quality video delivery service that requires data of over 1GB, such as movie distribution and telemedicine, can be offered.

The research that led to OKI’s achievement was conducted …

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OKI Launches HD-compatible Visual Nexus® Video Conferencing System

Achieves installed cost that is approximately half the current market price
OKI Electric Industry (TSE: 6703) launched “Visual Nexus® ver4.0 HD,” the latest version of its video conferencing system, Visual Nexus®, that is compatible with high-definition. This new version significantly improves video resolution for video conferences and can combine on the server up to sixteen screens in HD resolution. The installed price is approximately half of that currently available in the market for HD-compatible video conference systems.
Companies have been installing video conferencing systems to reduce costs. Meanwhile, many vendors have been offering HD video conferencing devices that are compatible with various HD resolutions such as 720P(1280X720), 1080P(1920X1080) and 1080i (1920X1080). Taking these trends into consideration, OKI …

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