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meM-INC: Acquisition of pulses and frequencies at the PC

With the digital system for incremental encoders meM-INC from BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), signal pulses can be counted and frequencies measured via the USB interface.

Incremental encoders convert linear or rotating position changes into a digital signal. They are used as sensors for distance and angular measurements. Basically, their working principle consists in periodically arranged segments on a measuring stick or a disc producing electrical pulses during motion. The actual position is determined by the number of increments passed.

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Gateway: Stylish eMachines All-in-One Desktop PC is an “EZ” Addition to Any Room in the House

At Just $399.99, the eMachines EZ1601-01 Makes All-in-One PCs More Affordable Than Ever Before
High-style no longer comes with a high price tag thanks to the new eMachines all-in-one PC. For just $399.99, the eMachines EZ1601-01 is a great addition to any room, addressing a family’s basic computing needs in an affordable, elegant space-saving design.
Sleek and stylish, the eMachines EZ Series fits perfectly in a kitchen or on a small desk in the family room. An ideal digital media hub, it can help mom and dad manage the household, keeping everybody up-to-date and in touch with convenient access to the Internet, online recipes, email, family calendars and address books.
Just as viable as an entertainment center, families …

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D-Link Pioneers Green Home WI-FI

Award-winning routers provide up to 40% power savings; helping reduce the home electricity bill
LONDON, UK — 5 August, 2008 – In light of rising energy bills combined with growing pressure to reduce carbon footprint, D-Link has introduced the first eco-friendly home Wi-Fi routers capable of reducing energy usage by up to 40%.
The use of Wi-Fi networks in homes and offices is growing at a considerable rate. For home users that enjoy surfing the web, streaming movies from their PC to their TV or making internet phone calls, they can now do so knowing that they will not only be helping address the need for homes to reduce their carbon footprint, but also enjoy savings on …

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Dell Laptops – Any Good?

By John Milligan
Dell Laptops are extremely popular with the XPS M1530 being a top seller at the time of writing. What are Dell laptops like in general though?
Well to start with they are world renowned for the quality of build and engineering and are known for their reliability. They are quite often the go-to machines for those aiming at affordability simply because they are good machines whose build quality is getting better and better as more and more improvements are made, plus of course they tend to have greats deals at very competitive prices.
Dell has a laptop to fit the needs of most business travellers, students and others who simply want the freedom to use …

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